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Alexander Ullom is a director, screenwriter, and editor in Los Angeles.

Alex is a first-generation Chinese-Jamaican-American trying to translate 25 years of confused, surreal cultural experience to screen.

His film journey spans across all facets of the industry, ranging from grip and electric work, being paid to make memes, editing for major networks like CBS, and even vending screenplays to strangers online. While his short films have premiered at various Oscar-qualifying festivals and the Student Emmy's, it was a dumb viral YouTube sketch that managed to capture the interest of investors. Capitalizing on this unexpected attention, Alex was finally able to independently finance his first feature film, "Please Make Sense," with just enough money to pay his friends.

Alex's production company, "Growing Up Dead," was founded to bring collaborators, friends, and fellow life-long kids away from the exploitative elements of the film industry. Alex is developing his second feature, and looks forward to early mornings in the crew airbnb with his best friends. Rooted in his beginnings of 17 hour P.A days, he remains committed to uplifting those around him, and always fighting to forge an independent path that he once believed was impossible. He is represented at Entertainment 360.

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